Re: Massize disk corruption under 2.1.88 (and 2.1.84?)

Evan Deaubl (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 09:48:23 -0700 (MST)

I just had something similar occur under 2.1.84. It was running along
pretty darn well until yesterday. I had just completed a couple of runs
of cdda2wav, so some serious activity on this particular filesystem had
already occurred. I then realized I needed to recompile my kernel because
I had recently upgraded the sound card, and that's when the crap started
rolling downhill.

The compile failed once when it tried to put together one of the .a
libraries, complaining one of the .o files was invalid. I simply deleted
it and 'make zImage' again. Then another file got clobbered (never did
figure out which one), which stopped the compile. It looked like a
Makefile problem, so I tried running 'make xconfig' to make sure
everything was okay so I could regenerate using 'make dep; make clean'.
'make xconfig' couldn't compile the program, and 'make menuconfig' did not
work (stopped dead in the middle of parsing the configuration files). As
I started looking around, it looked like files were starting to disappear,
such as include files from /usr/include. I had had just about enough, so
I rebooted, and when it unmounted that filesystem, it spewed a whole bunch
of errors to the console and stopped (sorry I don't have more specifics on
this, I didn't write them down, but I recall something about

After the reboot, 3 lengthy fsck's, and probably tens of thousands of
errors (much too numerous to count), it came back with a partition that
was mountable, bootable, but unusable for the most part. This might
finally motivate me to keep backups.... But I wanted (needed) to
reorganize my Linux system anyway. :)

Evan Deaubl

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Todd Roy wrote:

> Hi All,
> I was trying to compile pre-2.1.89-5 while running 2.1.88 - and
> basically had my entire /usr/src/linux-2.1 tree cloberred (If not more).
> It took a couple passes with fsck.ext2 to "fix" it.
> This is actually what happened:
> 1. I booted 2.1.88.
> 2. my /usr/src/linux was actually a sym-link to /usr/src/linux-2.1.
> linux->linux-2.1
> 3. I ran patch -cd pre-patch-2.1.89-5.gz | patch -p0 -b -E
> 4. cd /usr/src/linux, ran thru menuconfig.
> 5. make dep; make clean; make zImage.
> 6. The make zImage failed. It appeared to be a straight forward
> error.
> 7. I tried to back out the patch:
> cd /usr/src
> patch -cd pre-patch-2.1.89-5.gz | patch -p0 -b -E -R
> it failed *right* away, not being able to find linux/CREDITS !!
> 8. It was then that I rebooted, and the fun began.
> Finally, after I fixed everything, the contents of lost+found appearred
> to be all kernel source. The rest of /usr (a seperate pack) appears
> okay.
> I had a similar thing happen a while back in the 2.1.x series, I can't
> quite remember there.
> -- todd --
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