Re: WEIRD ext2fs dir size BUG?

Anthony DeBoer (
2 Mar 1998 16:34:07 -0000

Alan Cox <> writes:
> > ... you can always rmdir and mkdir the directory to
> > reclaim the extra blocks.
> For some things like news servers an e2fsdefrag or e2fsck option to
> compact directories might be useful.

In the general case, if the number of files in a directory has previously
hit some high-water mark, there's a chance it'll happen again, and having
that much contiguous space allocated to the directory should be a win.

Certainly, there may be cases of spewage causing really huge directories,
and if steps have been made to prevent that happening again it would be
useful to wind them back to a more reasonable size.

What would be useful for news servers would be an option to defrag
directories only, to thereby improve performance, and not bother with
files that are probably going to get expired soon anyway.

Anthony DeBoer <>

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