Erwin J. van Eijk (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 16:00:52 +0100


While compiling a kernel;
client: linux-2.1.89-pre5 HP/UX patches
server: linux-2.1.89-pre5 HP/UX patches

Client Error:
Mar 2 15:52:19 hyper kernel: RPC: task timed out
Mar 2 15:52:19 hyper kernel: nfs: server tommie not responding, still tryin

Server Error:
Mar 2 15:54:54 tommie kernel: UDP: bad checksum. From 8259B567:796 to
8259B579:2049 ulen 204

Over and over again.
It appears to be the client which is bogus, 'cause I reset the server,
and the client is still sending bad UDP packets.


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