NFS weirdness

Erwin J. van Eijk (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:45:33 +0100


I'm using nfs to mount from a HP/UX server. That gives the "usual"
trouble, which I got rid of (more or less) by applying a patch by Bill

- But I ran in some weirdness, one of them being:

Mar 2 15:30:20 hyper kernel: nfs_revalidate_inode: eijk/.Xauthority getattr failed, ino=19455, error=-116

The question is, why did it become stale? I didn't do nothing to it.

- Further did I get some random oopses while accessing a mounted dir,
but I did not (yet) experience them after applying bill's patch.

- I got random file contents when I was compiling a kernel in a dir
mounted from another Linux box (running 2.1.89-pre5, knfsd). The server
didn't notice anything and the client also did not log any
errors... I'll see if I can reproduce this.


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