Problems with ISDN

Erik Slagter (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:13:26 +0100

Hoi Folks,

As you probably know by now I've been having problems using ISDN since version 2.1.64. I have installed 2.1.88 last weekend, but to no avail. There are some very strange phenonema occuring which maybe some of you may find interesting ;-)

First of all I have applied a diff to the 2.1.64 and 2.1.88 ISDN tree and found that apart from changes in the memory management kernel interface there are no significant changes!

Still, in 2.1.88 I experience these phenomena:

1. No channel, send ICMP

- first dialout (named does request; triggers ippp0 to dial using default route) succeeds
- ippp0 is hung up after 30 seconds inactivity
- the next attempt to dial out on ippp0 results in the kernel logging "No channel, send ICMP"
- in the meanwhile one of the two physical ISDN channels is still in use, so it probably is not released during the first or second dialout attempt or during the hangup attempt.

2. Ifconfig output

After the first dialout, ifconfig ippp0 reports quite improbable values for things like "frames dropped" and "carrier lost" values. These values are like (2^31). If I bring down the interface, delete it, re-create it and type ifconfig ippp0, these values are zero.

This makes me suspect that somewhere there is a memory handling problem. Maybe memory is released that is still in use?

By the way, I use a Teles S16.3 card, EDSI (Europe) protocol only, audio support and sPPP + VJ-support.

Erik Slagter
Unisource Business Networks NL, Internal Networks
Telephone: +31 70 3711801

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