Keyboard Timeout

Cedric Duchatelle (
Mon, 2 Mar 98 01:34:39 -0800


I've got some problem, you may already had but as I'm new to this list I didn't see any answers....

Here are the facts:
I bought a brand new server with 2 PII 300 processor and 256 Mb of RAM (Intel 440LX motherboard).
As the stable kernel didn't discover more than 14.6 Mb of RAM, I try the developpement kernel and
more exactly the 2.1.88 one.

At the begining, I can choose with lilo my new image and it startup, but during the launch I've got two
"Keyboard timeout" messages and when the login screen appears my keyboard doesn't respond (and my mouse too).
(the 'Num' led is always on even if I press the 'Num lock' key...)

My keyboard as my mouse is a PS/2 one...

If anyone has a suggestion...

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