Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Jim Ursetto (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 02:23:21 -0600

At 09:25 PM on 1998 March 01, did write:
> On 26 Feb 1998, Jason McMullan wrote:

> > *) Only _one_ graphics app can open a VT at a time.

> Yuk! I'm hope, and am sure this will change though...

> I like to run ZGV on one console, and X is usually running as
> well. I often run other console graphics apps such as splaymidi,
> and Quake, etc...

> It would be a bummer to only be able to run one gfx app on the
> console.

I believe what he meant was that only one graphics app can open a _specific_
VT at a time, not that only one graphics app can have a VT open. The
current KGI kernel allows you to have multiple graphics apps on multiple
consoles. I'm almost sure that EvStack allows it as of now--if not, then
very soon, because it's still undergoing rapid changes. At any rate,
EvStack will support graphical consoles, and these can be considered
graphics apps, and there's definitely more than one. So you'll be able to
run lots of applications, on up to 16 monitors simultaneously if you happen
to have 4 PCI buses connected to your system ;)

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