Kernel panic in 2.0.33 with NE2000

Ben Pfaff (
01 Mar 1998 23:54:12 -0500

I got a kernel panic in 2.0.33, with an NE2000 Ethernet card, giving
me the following message:

skput:over: 00143580:8192

Tracing this back, the problem appears to be inside tcp_do_sendmsg()
in net/ipv4/tcp.c, at one of the lines that invokes skb_put(). I
don't know what to do about this; anybody have any hints? This
machine also has had an EtherPower II card in it and had a different,
repeatable, crash. This is the first time that it has crashed with
the NE2000.

I am thinking about downgrading to 2.0.29 with a couple of necessary
patches. Anybody have advice about this?

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