apm-bios and rtc

Garst R. Reese (reese@isn.net)
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 18:16:08 -0400

I finally got apm_bios to blank my screen with no error msgs.
In apm_bios.c, I set APM_SET_DISPLAY_POWER_STATE "b" to 0x0100 instead
of 0x01ff.
The screen backlight would go off, but then come back on in about 1 min.
After many printk's I disabled rtc support in the kernel. That did the
Still does not work with X, but that is another problem.
I also noticed in console.c that apm screen blanking is called if
CONFIG_APM is set. Shouldn't this be ifdef CONFIG_APM_DISPLAY_BLANK ?
Auto suspend also works.
APM bios V1.0 (Driver version 1.3), linux 2.1.88, PCMCIA-cs v3.0.0
MidWestMicro Elite Soundbook DX2/66

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