Re: Can't set UltraDMA mode 2 on Quantum Fireball SE

mlord (
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 09:53:17 -0500

John Heil wrote:
> What kind of symptoms can one expect w UDMA on a 2.0.xx kernel like
> 2.0.29?...

Old versions of the IDE driver report "bad sector" (or something
errors whenever the UDMA has a CRC error on the cable. Correct (new)
behaviour is to just retry the operation. (the register bit used for
UDMA CRC's used to mean something different a couple of years ago).

> I have a couple of them, a 5G and a 3.3G, both new Maxtor's.
> The 5 (>10K cyls) seems useless since simple copies to it couldn't be
> read. So its in storage till I upgrade the mb as its cyl count exceeds
> the mb's max. However, since linux doesnt use the bios I expected it to
> work... surprise. (mb is a micronics M54HI+ w 8300(?) cyl limit)

Mmm.. The Linux IDE driver doesn't care how big the disk is,
although apparently the drive reporting mechanism got changed
for units bigger than 8GB (known problem, known solution, no time).

Fdisk should work fine as well, so the problem you have (had) must be
with LILO (?).

> The 3.3 (>6k cyls) is ok, up to about cylinder 4600(?), which is
> where mke2fs failed making a new partn. The rest of the 3.3, cyl 0 to
> 4599, is fine and services both Linux and NT4 just great.

Strange. I have a 9924 cyl Maxtor that works very well.

The Linux IDE guy

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