Re: 2.1.89-4: works MUCH better on PPro 150, UP (w/ irq.c patch)

David Burrows (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 17:46:48 +1000 (EST)

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998, Benjamin Redelings I wrote:

> Hi, I compiled 2.1.89-4 with egcs -O9 -mpentiumpro, and it works
> great. The memory management seems especially improved, but I seem to
> notice an improvement (subjective?) in framerates or snappiness or
> something in quake II also. Specifically, processes do not contiually
> chomp the disk after they have once been swapped out. I don't know if
> they are being swapped back IN, or what, but I no longer feel the urge
> to reboot once pppd has beed swapped out :)

I notice the same improvement, but give it time and the earlier symptoms
will come back to haunt you.. I get severe disk chompings, and erratic
mouse pointer movement every now and then.. My test was to load netscape
while playing mp3 audio.. In pre-2.1.89-3, the sound breaks up and the
moise pointer stops moving for periods of up to 2 seconds. In
pre-2.1.89-4, this works fine, HOWEVER loading gimp with netscape open and
sound playing I get a return to what happens in pre3 (eg having 10mb
physical memory free, eating more and more into the swap, and losing all
control over the system).

The scary thing is Linus said he didn't touch the swap code between pre3
and pre4...

> Thanks!
> -BenRI
> System: glibc 2.0.7-pre2, PPro 150, Debian 2.0 (beta)
> egcs version 980122.

System: glibc 2.0.6, P5 133, RedHat 5.0, pgcc 1.01



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