Re: PID sequences

Miguel de Icaza (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:05:45 -0600

> > > There _is_ no "our userland", unlike OpenBSD.
> >
> > Sure there is.
> >
> > Red Hat and Debian should audit the packages they ship, and ship with fixed
> > bugs and security holes -just like OpenBSD has done-.
> since when do redhat and debian not provide patched software? AFAIK,
> slackware is the only one who doesn't.

I am not saying they do not.

I am replying to a mail message where someone suggest that we do not
have a userland of "ours" and he thus tries to conclude that it is not
a good idea to have random pids as we would break broken software.

> that step has already been taken.. do some research on and

Try to understand my message and follow the thread before posting.


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