Re: Full IPX support y/n ?

David Woodhouse (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 14:06:55 +0000

> : They have a kernel patch to provide the necessary facilities, and hopefully
> : this can be sorted out and put into 2.2
> But I thought the problem was with ncpfs-2.1.1 and not with the
> kernel. What's wrong with the kernel?

The lengthfix patch I mentioned is just to work around what I suspect is a
kernel bug, but could be a documented change of semantics for all I know.

The ncpfs kernel patches are separate, and required to support new options:

+bool ' Packet singatures' CONFIG_NCPFS_PACKET_SIGNING
+bool ' Proprietary file locking' CONFIG_NCPFS_IOCTL_LOCKING
+bool ' Clear remove/delete inhibit when needed' CONFIG_NCPFS_STRONG
+bool ' Use NFS namespace if available' CONFIG_NCPFS_NFS_NS
+bool ' Use LONG (OS/2) namespace if available' CONFIG_NCPFS_OS2_NS
+bool ' Allow mounting of volume subdirectories' CONFIG_NCPFS_MOUNT_SUBDIR

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