Re: Full IPX support y/n ?

Eloy A. Paris (
28 Feb 1998 04:39:13 GMT

David Woodhouse <> wrote:

: Alternatively, that fix alone is available (albeit reversed) at

This is pretty cool.

: Note that although Volker is too busy to look after ncpfs at the moment, it's
: still alive, even though it's not been publicised very much. I believe that it
: currently supports both NDS and packet signatures, compiles out of the box
: with both libc5 and glibc2, and can be found at

Uhhmmm, that's very interesting... However, are these guys in contact
with Volker? I see no point in having to separate groups that don't
talk to each other working on the same stuff.

: They have a kernel patch to provide the necessary facilities, and hopefully
: this can be sorted out and put into 2.2

But I thought the problem was with ncpfs-2.1.1 and not with the
kernel. What's wrong with the kernel?




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