Re: Random PIDs, etc.

H. Peter Anvin (
28 Feb 1998 03:40:16 GMT

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By author: Chris Wedgwood <>
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> Now this probably includes Apache - but since this situation can occur
> under OpenBSD which presumably apache runs under, a work around has to
> be found anyhow.
> And programs that generate message IDs, etc (and Dean Gaudlet pointed)
> out by doing "time() concat getpid()" will also have to be fixed. I'm
> not sure how many things will be affected by this, but its broken
> anyhow.
> (Perhaps, and its probably a bit far-fetched, but as the net grows, the
> odds on a non-deliberate collision are increasing all the time,
> especially if the algorithm only uses the hostname and not the fqdn).

I really do think that any PID allocation algorithm which lets process
ID's get reassigned in *sigificantly* less than the time it would take
to cycle through the entire pool is broken.


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