Re: even the press likes us ;-)

Alan Cox (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:23:26 +0000 (GMT)

> At least with PalmPilot, the _whole_ device essentially is a 68328 with all
> the stuff Mot intended hooked up the standard way (the digitizer is not
> described, but...) Mot would like to sell more of those chips, so anyone
> can get a data sheet, and then it's just a matter of having a quick look at
> it....

The Pison5 is also a highly integrated device but capable of running real
linux and having supervisor mode. They wont tell you how to get into that
and you'd need to unsolder surface mount flash to find out.

> of the gcc we ported that there are so many excellent (native PalmOS) apps
> available. Linux will help yet again. Ppl looking for docs out of Psion
> might try telling them about this, it's turned out to be sucessful for Palm.

Actually I'd suggest insertion of the psion somewhere painful in the salesreps
anatomy and buying a pilot - but then Im less diplomatic than some.


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