Re: Changing topic (longish), was Re: GGI debate and etc.

Michael Schmitz (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 15:38:21 -0800

At 6:34 PM +0000 2/27/98, Alan Cox wrote:
>drivers/mac is already a problem since it will need to be sharing stuff
>with non mac boxes and with 68k mac. The next seems to use ADB and that
>may make it more complex

I agree. According to (user space) header files Jes sent me the NeXT uses
ADB, but my proposal for drivers/adb didn't find much following :-(

>drivers/acorn is acorn and arm specific code and where possible only front
>ends to existing drivers. Theres some duplication right now because the
>core NCR5380 driver needs updating and the M68K one is a total portability
>disaster. The fas_II stuff can get merged once the maintainers of the
>two fas drivers can work it out.

The m68k 5380 driver ... the Mac should be able to use the core driver (the
only reason to use the Atari driver was debugging the pseudo-DMA emulation
on my Falcon). The Atari driver is full of safeguards for braindamaged
Falcon SCSI
but the Falcon IDE driver got merged with the other IDE code sometime in 1.3 so
it should be possible to do. (Not by me, for sure, ask Roman.)


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