Re: Full IPX support y/n ?

David Woodhouse (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 22:33:27 +0000 said:
> I have to be logged on before anything but "slist" works, if I am all the
> ones I can test work.

Yep - I've suffered from that ever since I first started using 2.1. It's
because recvfrom(...,MSG_PEEK,...) under 2.1 returns the number of bytes put
into the buffer rather than the length of the message, as implied by the man
page. The fix is a one-liner, and it's included in

Alternatively, that fix alone is available (albeit reversed) at

> Thanks David, I wasn't looking forward to fixing the libc6 hassles.
> I thought you'd seen enough of ncp to last a lifetime ? :).

I had. But it's that or get on with my project, and I'm still procrastinating

Note that although Volker is too busy to look after ncpfs at the moment, it's
still alive, even though it's not been publicised very much. I believe that it
currently supports both NDS and packet signatures, compiles out of the box
with both libc5 and glibc2, and can be found at

It seems that their work renders my efforts completely obsolete. There was only
one bug that I'd fixed that remained unfixed in their source tree, and my fix
for that has been included into the latest version as of a few hours ago :)

They have a kernel patch to provide the necessary facilities, and hopefully
this can be sorted out and put into 2.2

Does anyone know how to obtain a printer queue listing? I can get a list of
the available print queues, but not a listing of the jobs waiting on each

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