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27 Feb 1998 22:03:12 GMT

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By author: Nathan Uno <>
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> The basic point remains, though: if Linux is going to support (at the
> kernel level) a certain hardware device, the driver's gotta go in the
> kernel. So we either support it, or we don't. I haven't seen any
> other devices that Linux hasn't supported because we didn't want to put
> "another driver" into the kernel...

This is WRONG. For SOME devices, the driver needs to be in the
kernel, for others, it is better done in user space. The jury is
still out on if graphics is better done in the kernel space or user
space, but the assertion that I sometimes see that "device drivers
belong in the kernel" is B.S. in my opinion.

Something belongs in the kernel IF AND ONLY IF it cannot be done well
in user space. As I said, some people believe graphics belongs in
that category, other people disagree. Personally I think there are
good arguments for both sides; I think we won't be able to make that
judgement until GGI is further along.

> There is NO kernel-level support for graphics in the Linux kernel right
> now, besides what's necessary for text mode. I see that as a distinct
> limitation and a "bad thing". Yes, it's going to take some work to do
> - but people are ALREADY working on it.

Some people think that the text mode support in the kernel is a bad


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