Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Jes Degn Soerensen (
27 Feb 1998 21:20:37 +0100

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Ursetto <> writes:

Jim> At 02:37 PM on 1998 February 27, Jes Degn Soerensen did write:
>> There is a difference, the number of different graphics boards to
>> support is enormous, I don't belive it will be possible to keep it
>> all in sync with the kernel, it will require kernel updates to
>> older systems in order to use new graphics boards etc. etc. Right
>> now the XFree team does most of that work for us.

Jim> Why is graphics such a special case? By that logic:

Jim> The number of sound cards is enormous -> It requires kernel
Jim> updates to use new sound boards -> Let's get rid of /dev/audio
Jim> and farm it out to userland instead, hitting the hardware
Jim> directly with one of the many sound server binaries

Jim> The number of ethernet cards is enormous -> It requires kernel
Jim> updates to use new ethernet cards -> SUID root ethernet "drivers"

How many different sound and Ethernet boards do exist compare to the
number of graphcis boards?

Jim> etc., etc. You seem to imply that all these things should be
Jim> thrown out,

No I do not.

Jim> The
Jim> answer to this is not to throw out GGI but to break up the
Jim> kernel, which according to many people on this list should
Jim> probably happen eventually. Then people can decide for
Jim> themselves what they like.

Breaking up the kernel will be a serious disadvantage, maybe not to
you as a user who only uses a certain part, which may be in the main
tarball. However, it will be almost impossible to maintain.


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