Re: Full IPX support y/n ?

Peter T. Waltenberg (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 08:48:28 +1300 (NZDT)

On 27-Feb-98 David Woodhouse wrote:
>> Select the NCP filesystem for the client side.
>> You'll need to compile some tools to mount the NCP
>> filesystem, print, list servers etc.
>> They are on , something like pub/linux/misc/ncp.
>> I don't know if anyone has fixed the problems compiling them
>> with libc6.
>I've got ncpmount and ipxd to work, but the other utils don't - they don't
>seem to be able to authenticate properly. For some reason, the utilities have
>a separate version of ncplib, in which the authentication doesn't work.
>This was a problem with the libc5 version, too - I don't understand it.

I have to be logged on before anything but "slist" works, if I am all the
ones I can test work.
Thanks David, I wasn't looking forward to fixing the libc6 hassles.
I thought you'd seen enough of ncp to last a lifetime ? :).


Date: 28-Feb-98
Time: 08:48:28

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