Riley Williams (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 18:33:22 +0000 (GMT)

Hi J.J.

> After I made some changes using glint I notice that when I boot
> I get a message that reads something like

> "hda1 wrong number device or kernel does not support vfat"

> and similar messages for other linux partitions. The system
> appears to be working fine. What have I done in glint that made
> it give these messages?

> Furthermore when I use to boot the system all the hd?? use to
> show up automatically when I gave the command 'df'. Now only
> one that shows up is /dev/hdc3 and ext2. The others do not show
> up. I have to individually mount them before all of them show
> up when I issue the command 'df'. One of them looks like

> /dev/hdb1 /dos vfat default 0 0

> The others are similar. What is this vfat that is not supported.

That is the Win95 "Virtual FAT" file system, which is basically an
extension of the MS-DOS file system that allows long filenames,
and by the looks of it, you've managed to disable the driver for
it until after the boot process finishes...

> What have I done wrong in glint? How do I fix this problem without
> destroying my data? The system appears to be working.

> I have Redhat Linux 5.0 and I always boot using the 'Linux' at
> the Dos C prompt. Somebody set this up for me and I have to do
> this to use Linux.

It sounds like you need serious lessons in configuring Linux,
since it's all too easy to make a serious mess of it...

> I tried installing "kernel-modules-2.0.32-2" which I found on
> the CD#1 with the command rpm -i ... but was not able to. It
> said that this is already installed. I tried to use the rpm -e
> ... command to uninstall and it would not allow me to. This was
> all being done with me being logged into my root directory.

Until you know exactly what you're doing, it is NOT a good idea to
either install or uninstall any RPM's with "Kernel" in their

> I then used glint and tried to varify the files and found that
> there were many that were "missing". I tried to "uninstall" the
> above mentioned kernel using the glint but once again it would
> not allow me to. It said that it was linked to other files ---
> something like this-- not sure. The bottom line is that I am
> not able to UNINSTALL it so that I can reinstall this. How do I
> do this? I do not want to lose my data!!

I'm not sure why you sent this to me, but I've no personal
knowledge of this situation. However, it looks like you've managed
to do something to your system setup that prevents it from
accessing VFAT partitions at boot time.

I've forwarded your message to the linux-kernel mailing list
(which I am NOT on at this time) since it's more than probable
that somebody in there can answer your questions far better than I
can, and hopefully can get you up again.

One thing though: I'd recommend that when you get this sorted out,
you do NOT play about with any RPM's with any of the words
"Kernel", "Module" or "PCMCIA" in them until you know considerably
more about Linux than you appear to know at the moment, since it's
usually those that cause problems of the sort of magnitude you are

Best wishes from Riley.

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