Re: TCP crashes kernel

Linus Torvalds (
27 Feb 1998 17:05:19 GMT

In article <>,
William T. Waters <> wrote:
>I have discovered a problem with what looks like the networking layer of the
>Linux kernel. The following program will consistently crash an intel box.
>It is crippling our efforts to port our software to Linux -- under any sort of
>load whatsoever, machines are rolling over & just dying. Sometimes the
>program will SEGV or get a Bus Error, sometimes we get kernel syslogs, and
>frequently the whole machine will seize up completely.
>Alan Cox has confirmed that this is a problem in 2.0.33, and I just repeated
>it on the latest 2.1.88 kernel as well.
>Is anyone else seeing this error in the "real world"?

Ok, it seems to be fixed by the latest pre-89-3.

I will consider this particular bug closed unless somebody can show that
even pre-89-3 can be brought down this way, so please folks, give this a


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