Kernel Source Tree Size: Platform Subsets?

Jim Dennis (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:18:20 -0800


In a recent message to the list Mike Harris said:

I don't mind downloading a 40M source tarball either, even if it
takes 6 days to compile. That's just my opinion however, and I'm

which reminded me of a concern that I've had.

Is our source tree getting large enough to consider some option
to split the full tree into "architecture subsets." If I just want
the x86 code would it be neat to be able to say:

make archsubset x86

... to produce a tarball of just the x86 code?

(In this case we might even have some subsets of the x86 -- such
as GGI vs. non-GGI).

How much trouble would it be to do that? (I guess you'd have to
have a set of "meta makefiles" that would specify which portions
of the source tree were needed by which source subsets).

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