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27 Feb 1998 10:37:08 GMT

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> The existing available product the SA110 is not and really needs a PCI
> companion chip and I/O devices. The SA1100 not yet released is highly
> integrated. Cirrus do a range of 33MHz and slower integrated arms for
> embedded work as do people like sharp

Oops; didn't realize the SA1100 wasn't out yet. I just looked at the
Cirrus and Sharp integrated ARMs; they definitely look aimed at the
PDA market. Would be cool to have a PDA based on one of those; I love
the form factor of the PalmPilot (I think most others are far too
bulky to be practical) but unfortunately the PalmPilot doesn't have an
MMU and not too much RAM, which makes running a real OS on it a bit
difficult. I'd like to see something with an MMU and around 4 MB RAM;
running Linux of course :)


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