TESTING version of e2fsprogs available; please test!

Theodore Y. Ts'o (tytso@MIT.EDU)
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:24:17 -0500

Hi there,

I'm currently preparing to release a new version of e2fsprogs
which fix a number bugs in e2fsck, as well as being the first version of
e2fsprogs that I support building under glibc. Now, I've only tested at
the version of glibc running on RedHat 5.0.

Unfortunately, glibc has an apparent predilection to only care
about portability for applications programs are written slavishly to the
applicable POSIX and ANSI C standards, without the tiniest jot or
deviation, and to hell with everyone else. The problem is that
e2fsprogs is a system program that by definition can not limit itself to
the POSIX/ANSI header files (although I've done as much as I can to make
e2fsprogs portable to a wide variety of other OS platforms, including
Solaris, NetBSD, etc.)

For this reason, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE that it will work on any
other version of glibc than what is currently shipping on RedHat 5.0,
especially given the number of times I've been burned by libc issues in
the past. (I have added extremely paranoid autoconf tests to protect
against ways that I've been burned in the past, but that's no guarantee
that the glibc developers won't come up with new, ingenious ways of
being incompatible.)

Hence, I'm releasing e2fsprogs-1.12 WIP for testing purposes.
I'd appreciate people giving this a try to see how well it works on
their systems. If you do try using this WORK IN PROGRESS release,
please let me know how your testing goes --- both positive and negative
results are very helpful. Testing on Debian and other newer versions of
glibc would be especially helpful.

This testing version of e2fsprogs can be found at:


Please do not redistribute binaries produced using this test release, or
attempt to put this testing version into distributions. I will be
releasing a stable, official release shortly assuming all goes well.


- Ted

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