Re: PID sequences

Jon Hamilton (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:57:04 -0600

In message <>, Miguel de Icaza writ
} > } OpenBSD uses random pid numbers now. If OpenBSD was able to fix their
} > } userland, so can we.
} >
} > Sort of... keep in mind that OpenBSD ships with its own userland utilities,
} > which are all neatly kept in one source tree. There's no "one true
} > distribution" of Linux.
} Linus has always advocated doing the right thing even when it breaks
} applications (piles of examples out there). We can not keep carrying
} cruft in the kernel forever.

Fair enough, but...

} In this specific case, the random PIDs will help make it harder to
} exploit a bunch of attacks on predictable filenames (all of our
} userland should be using mkstemp instead of mktemp eventually, just
} like OpenBSD).

There _is_ no "our userland", unlike OpenBSD.

   Jon Hamilton

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