Re: Is there any way...

David Schwartz (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:24:23 -0500

>On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, David Schwartz wrote:
>> >I want a very simple thing: to be able to
>> >encrypt AND DECRYPT password.
>> You don't mean that. If everyone else can decrypt my password, why
>> encrypt it? Perhaps you mean that they can _validate_ my password?
>Perhaps he wants to do password storage, ala windows dialup networking.

If that were the case, he'd only want the password's owner to be able to
decrypt it. He has to clarify his requirements and what he's trying to do in
order for us to figure out what he wants. I invite the original author to
email me more details of exactly what he's trying to do and I'll be happy to
mail him back a summary of different encryption technologies and how they
could be used to meet his requirements.


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