Re: Fairness in love and swapping

Rik van Riel (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 00:21:44 +0100 (MET)

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> > We could:
> > - force-swap out processes which have slept for some time
> > - suspend & force-swap out the largest process
> > - wake it up again when there are two proceses waiting on
> > it (to prevent X from being swapped out)
> Define the number of processes waiting on a given process?
> Another way of making the distinction between batch and interactive
> processes might be to observe that interactive processes spend some of
> their time in "S" (interruptible sleep) state, whereas we expect
> compute-bound jobs to be in "R" or "D" state most of the time.
> However, that breaks down too when you consider batch jobs involving
> pipelines, such as gcc -pipe.

I think we should give programs points based on several
time_in + how long has it been in-core in seconds (300 max)
data_sz + RSS + DSIZE (#pages)
fil_dsc - number of file descriptors (if it has loads of
file descriptors, it communicates a lot with the environment
and is less likely a batch process)
slp_tim + how long has it been sleeping (to force-swap, but not
suspend sleeping processes) in seconds (300 max)
run_tim + how long has it been running/blocking without 'interactive'
syscalls or state changes in seconds (300 max)
is_root - euid = 0 (500 points)

The more (+) points a process has, the more likely it is
going to be selected for swapout. Now we got to make some
nice formula to select the processes and the swapout time.


points= time_in + (data_sz / fil_dsc) + slp_tim + run_tim - is_root4~


points= (time_in / fil_dsc) + data_sz + slp_tim + run_tim - is_root
^^^^^max 300pt total

When swapping is needed, we simply walk the process table
and swap out the process with the most points...
But we _need_ to be sure that we don't pick X for a 30 second
break ... How do we do that?

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