Re: Changing topic (longish), was Re: GGI debate and etc.

Craig B Agricola (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:21:49 -0500 (EST)

> > This may be a dumb question, but this seemed like the best time to bring
> > it up. I am wondering if there is currently a way to 'cross-compile' a
> > kernel.
> >
> > For instance (and the pre-requesite of a gcc that is capable of cross
> > compiling is a given) if on my PC I wanted to compile a kernel for a
> > PowerMac, is this already possible?
> I think you could just change line 5 in the top-level Makefile from
> ARCH := $(shell uname -m | sed -e s/i.86/i386/ -e s/sun4u/sparc64/)
> to
> ARCH := $(shell uname -m | sed -e s/i.86/i386/ -e s/i386/ppc/)
> but I haven't tried it. IMO it would be better if the platform could be
> set in the configuration programs, with the uname test used to establish a
> default when there is no .config file.
> ___
> Trevor Johnson

I can't tell you exactly what has to be changed right now, but between
approximately May of 1995 and August of 1996 I was successfully cross-compiling
linux kernels (for Intel boxes) on an RS/6000 box running AIX. I had to make
a few little tweaks here and there (though many of those may have gone away in
the meantime.) I seem to remember having to make a little tweak to the
part of the make process that actually links the vmlinux together. If you are
compiling from Intel Linux to some other Linux, this may not even be a problem.
If anyone is interested, I think I have a script or two that made the necessary
changes to the kernel distribution (though it was probably a 1.3.xx back then.)

-Craig Agricola

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