Re: 64-bit UIDs

Chris Adams (
26 Feb 1998 17:58:22 GMT

According to <>:
> Are 32-bit UIDs a kernel issue or a glibc issue? Any ideas
>when Linux will support 64-bit UIDs?

I think UIDs are currently 16 bits, not 32. Since 32 bit uids would be
enough for one third of the planet to have an account on one system, I
think that 32 bits is plenty - we don't need the extra performance hit
on 32 bit machines that 64 bit UIDs would take.

I think both the kernel and the libc have ideas about what size a uid_t
is. There was some discussion here a while back about making UIDs (and
I assume GIDs as well) 32 bits - did anything ever come of that?

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