Re: 2.1.79, 2.1.87, 2.1.88 locks on EIDE (and a note on cdroms)

teunis (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:02:11 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Adam D. Bradley wrote:

> > I have an FIC PA2007 mb with Cyrix 6x86 200+MX (75*2)....
> >
> > I'm getting random lockups under high disk activity with 2.1.79, 2.1.87,
> > and 2.1.88..
> >
> > The SCSI's don't trigger it - but EIDE does, whether I enable UDMA or not.
> I've been having problems with EIDE since 2.1.85 on my Gigabyte SMP
> system (twin P166-MMX's). 2.1.84 seems rock-solid zero-problems, but
> 2.1.85 and on have all been unreliable using either GCC or
> 2.8.0.

My problems appeared after 2.1.65 (though I'm [obviously] UP not SMP)

Update : I've found a fix (for my system):

Separate the UDMA drive from the Mode3 CDrom.
Things seem stable now - I haven't been able to freeze it yet, even with
several parallel fsck's on different filesystems.

On different channels the hard drive went into UDMA mode...

I suspect a linux-kernel bug, as 2.1.65 works perfectly (as does
mickysloth's Win98). Prolly in the IDE section and prolly something to do
with Mode 3 access.

Incidentally, the IDE cdrom interface _HAS_ to handle timeouts better. It
takes a bit for this #^$& cdrom to spin up and during that time my logs
fill up with timeout messages (as do my current consoles. This logging
info is seriously irritating - guess I'll have to hunt it down). This has
gotten _WORSE_ since 2.1.65 (where these messages first appeared on my
system anyways). (the inability to mount a cdrom while the cdrom drive is
spinning up is understandable though - but at least that command doesn't
spit out multiline debug messages)

FWIW : Avoid Creative 24X cdroms. They work fine but they like to go to
sleep when not used (and then cause timeouts while spinning back up).

G'day, eh? :)
- Teunis

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