2.1.89-pre1 works fine for me...Extra ATAPI-CD error messages?

Benjamin Redelings I (bredelin@UCSD.Edu)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:56:55 -0800

I have 2.1.89-pre1 (am using it as my main kernel) and have experienced
no problems so far. I didn't notice any jerkiness, though my load
doesn't get very high... SB sound works fine, as does CD audio. I have
a PPro 165, and /proc/mtrr still works... And all my normal apps works
(netscape4, quakeI&II, etc.) And I have libc6.
The only thing that might not be proper is that I get several of these
messages whenever I change CDs while using Xmcd:

Feb 26 08:43:57 bredelin kernel: ATAPI device hdb:
Feb 26 08:43:57 bredelin kernel: Error code: 0x70
Feb 26 08:43:57 bredelin kernel: Sense key: 0x02 - Not ready
Feb 26 08:43:57 bredelin kernel: Additional sense data: 0x04, 0x01 -
unit not ready - in progress (sic) of becoming ready
Feb 26 08:43:57 bredelin kernel: Failed packet command: 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 0
0 00 00 00 00

The cool thing is that (unlike windows :) the kernel DOES realize that
the CD is present but not ready. Whats happening is that the CD takes a
bit to start spinning fast enough. This doesn't just happen when the CD
is changed either, as my CD drive spins down when not in use.
Anyway, I'm just not sure that I really need 5 of those warning since
they are normal. But I guess it would fall within the standard logging
style :)


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