Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Jason McMullan (
26 Feb 1998 15:20:15 GMT

Mike Jagdis <> wrote with confidence:
> I don't suppose the key mapping could be "fixed" in such a way
> that mappings could be attached to any old tty line rather than
> just PC keyboards? It would often be useful to be able to do
> key mappings on terminals as well. Some terminals can even send
> PC scancodes if you want...

Hmmm... Not a bad idea. I didn't intend to muck with the
TTY line discipline, but this _does_ have some posibilities,
such as:

* (PC) Treat the keyboard/PS2 ports as `funny' serial ports.
* (Mac) ADB simply becomes a collection of serial ports

* All TTY lines can hook into an EvStack, with
the input characters filtered through a
(global/per-device/per-tty/whatever) translation
filter (ie keymap) that outputs Unicode keypresses.

(We're using Unicode16 - if at all possible -
throught the EvStack system)

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