Re: How about a /proc/patches ?

Andrea Arcangeli (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:19:35 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Rik van Riel wrote:

>At 70 bytes per patch, compression would hurt more than
>it would help :-)

The compression was also for the .config but probably the code for
compression it' s the think that hurt ;-). At least the .config and the
patch list data should be swapped out as default (if doing this won' t
hurt again more than the data in question itself).

>Because then you can only look at the code in your
>source tree, which might be different from the code
>in the kernel you're running at that moment.

I know but I don' t think this is very important (at least for me). I have
a file called ADDITIONAL_KERNEL_PATCH in /root that just do that function
for me and it said me the pathname of the patch I applyed to my current
kernel tree. Teorically we can patch the script kernel-patch to take
memory of the patch applyed to the kernel.

Make it a config option and I will agree with you.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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