2.1.89pre1 again..

David Burrows (snadge@gemcorp.com.au)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 18:23:59 +1000 (EST)

Hi, there! :) Its me again..

Before I posted everything worked.. :) But x11amp 0.65 doesn't work,
saying it can't open the audio device.. I closed it down, and the usage
for the sb module said 2 (but nothing was using it).. I ran quake2, and it
worked with sound.

I noticed when loading netscape, and gimp.. The mouse pointer jerks around
the screen when you move it, I suspect this is the result of the swap code
changes, as it didn't do this before..

After this, I tried deliberately breaking it.. I have a 16mb swap
partition, then I added another 16mb on a fat32 filesystem (which worked
fine).. I ran netscape 5 times, about 5 rxvts.. one doing a find, the
other constantly cat /proc/meminfo.. I ran gimp, with an 800x600 24bit
image, generating a mandelbrot fractal then applying the weave script
effect.. But thats not all, I loaded quake2, and xmixer.. Everything was
behaving quite ok, obviously the system wasn't very responsive. After
this, I closed everything down.. The swap cleanout routine also made the
mouse pointer jerk around the screen, then everything went back to normal.

Cheers (again) :)


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