Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Michael Schmitz (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 00:25:53 -0800

At 10:09 AM +0000 2/25/98, Alan Cox wrote:
>> Yep, and I think it won't take too much work in the keyboard driver to
>> extend the tty <-> framebuffer binding to the keyboards. I'd try to do
>> it via fg_console[fbidx] and binding a keyboard to a specific framebuffer.
>> Does that sound simple and minimal intrusive enough?
>And also to unbind it so you can have multiple monitor, hotkey keyboard
>target switch and cases like serial input/monitor output.

That would be more like the current case (one keyboard serves all VCs), or do
you want to change the keyboard->monitor assignment on the fly? If I
understood Geert's multihead support right, he assigns a range of VCs to
each display = fbidx and input from the keyboard is directed according to
the VC used. Changing
the assignment keyboard->fbidx by means of yet another hotkey should not be
too tough. The whole abstract console stuff isn't in the mainstream kernel
yet AFAIK but I'd do that for m68k first anyway.

As to the serial input/monitor output, that looks like the ugly hybrid of
serial and console code I hoped to escape by supporting all ADB flavors
for Mac :-) Could we make that a secondary goal?

>You can plug a keyboard into a PS/2 mouse port

Will help the PPC or Powermac people; I've got no PS/2 mouse port :-)


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