Re: xconfig lossage: summary and suggestions (long)

Andrej Presern (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 02:56:39 +0100

Jim Dennis wrote:
> > From: "Michael L. Galbraith" <>
> > On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, James Mastros wrote:
> >
> >> 5) Write menuconfig?
> >> 6) Test? (I'm not certian if menuconfig is currently very useful. If you
> >> want a console-based config, run config. If you want menus, use X.)
> >
> > I find menuconfig to be very nice, and would lament it's loss. I like
> > menus, but don't like the idea of having to fire up X to have them.
> >
> > But then I'm not writing the code so ...
> > $.02
> > -Mike
> Everyone I know uses menuconfig over config *and* over
> xconfig. Also most of the people I know change that to
> "single_menu_mode"
> I would definitely hate to see it go.

The menuconfig target is for the administrators and code hackers who
want to do work efficiently. Since we do most of the work by typing,
reaching for the mouse, pointing it, clicking it, optionally pushing it
away and then reaching again for the keys breaks the routine and is thus
simply inconvenient. Perhaps that's why such a large number of people
uses menuconfig - those who don't, probably haven't yet been completely
converted from dying operating systems to the new era;)

Just my 0.05 SIT.


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