sound problems with linux-2.1.88

Jeffrey Hundstad (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 16:19:19 -0600 (CST)

I've had no problems with my SB16 up to 2.1.86... but on 2.1.88 the
sound comes in packets... like

normal-audio... delay.... normal-audio... delay.... (repeat)

My bootup messages says:

kernel: sb: Interrupt test on IRQ7 failed - Probable IRQ conflict
kernel: <Sound Blaster 16 (4.13)> at 0x220 irq 7 dma 1,5
kernel: <Sound Blaster 16> at 0x330 irq 7 dma 0
kernel: <Yamaha OPL3 FM> at 0x388

...but it's always worked on IRQ 7 before... ...and I don't have
printer supported enabled to IRQ 7 shouldn't be grabbed by the printer

Here's my /dev/sndstat:
Load type: Driver compiled into kernel
Kernel: Linux bs1 2.1.88 #1 Tue Feb 24 21:27:07 CST 1998 i586
Config options: 0

Installed drivers:
Type 1: OPL-2/OPL-3 FM
Type 26: MPU-401 (UART)
Type 2: Sound Blaster
Type 29: Sound Blaster PnP
Type 7: SB MPU-401

Card config:
Sound Blaster at 0x220 irq 7 drq 1,5
SB MPU-401 at 0x330 irq 7 drq 0
OPL-2/OPL-3 FM at 0x388 drq 0

Audio devices:
0: Sound Blaster 16 (4.13)

Synth devices:
0: Yamaha OPL-3

Midi devices:
0: Sound Blaster 16

0: System clock

0: Sound Blaster

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