Re: Unexpected shutdowns

Jim Dennis (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 08:14:17 -0800

> From: "Adam D. Bradley" <>
>> The system files are installed on a flash device, and the majority of
>> the data files are read-only. So far, the only file system errors
>> resulting from improper shutdown have been on the partition where
>> system logs are stored.

I'd like to know more about the flash device(s) that
you're using. I've just ordered a couple of ROMDisk
and PCMCIA adapters (for desktop machines) to
experiment with these configurations myself.

>> Is there any way to completely disable the system logs?
> The log files are kept by the syslogd/klogd processes. Pull the
> appropriate symlinks out of the /etc/rc?.d directories (or edit the
> etc/rc.d/rc.? scripts, depending on your distribution) and they won't
> be started.
>> Is there any way to log to ramdisk, so that corruption does not exist on
>> restart?
> Yes, just make sure the ramdisk partition is mkfs'd and mounted before
> syslogd/klogd are started.
>> Better yet, is there some recovery scheme that does not require console
>> intervention?
>> (apparently the file system check will not run unattended)
> You can hack e2fsck... throw in some failure case handlers (like
> automatically trying backup superblocks if the primary is invalid,
> etc) and throw out any checks to make sure "the user is really
> there"... but remember, that stuff is probably there for a reason.

Yuck! Why hack the fsck binary -- you can just run
it under 'expect' to do the unattended stuff.
(In addition to being trivial to script -- even for
non-programmers -- your 'expect' script can have
conditionals to respond to specific error messages
with specific responses).

Another option -- better for this embedded system
situation -- is to run e2fsck -n || restorefs

(Where restorefs is a script that does the appropriate
mkfs and whatever other restore procedures you want).

In other words -- if there is any error have the fs
re-created automatically. From what I recall this is
the strategy taken by McAfee's "WebScan" -- which is
a package that uses Linux as an "embedded/turn-key"

> I realize this is an embedded system, but if its networked or has
> serial outut it may be a better option to just have syslogd direct all
> logging data over the network/serial port/etc. This way you can have
> persistent storage of the logs on the far end and won't have to worry
> about doing a "proper" shutdown... (man syslogd.conf)
> Adam

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