Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Jes Degn Soerensen (
25 Feb 1998 15:05:41 +0100

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Mars <> writes:

>> Acceleration in kernel space using ioctls, sorry but no thank
>> you. If you want performance you still need to let the user-space
>> applications such as X and svgalib type things (is that what ggilib
>> is?) access the hardware directly. If it requires apps to be suid
>> root in order to access IO-ports then it is just the price you have
>> to pay IMHO.

Stefan> Ok, I will rephrase and comment. You _have_ to use an ioctl if
Stefan> you want to go from userspace to kernelspace, and yes, that is
Stefan> slow. That's why we are using a buffer where we can store
Stefan> multiple acceleration commands and do several at once.

Ok and that is in my oppnion on of the biggest problems, I don't like
the acceleration for tons of graphics card being put into the kernel,
be it using modules or not.

>> Well I didn't look closely at the X server performance comparisons,
>> and frankly I need a usable console before I will even consider X
>> performance.

Stefan> Sure, but people asked me about performance, and that was the
Stefan> only one I had available. Trust me, with the exception of bugs
Stefan> in some of the drivers, the consoles are highly usuable. Don't
Stefan> take my word for it, _try_ GGI yourself.

Sorry, don't own a PC myself ;-) and I don't have the time to port it
to the m68k. That is why I rely a bit on the performance Geert
reported back when he did try this.


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