Re: Is there any way...

Chris Wedgwood (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 11:53:11 +1300

I need to generate some unique number or string
based on real user ID of the process, so
1. the number is independent of OS version
2. reproducible
3. other user ID would not be able to generate
the same number even if he got a hold on
a source code

No. (At least not the way I understand your question).

UIDs are only 16-bits. That's way to small a space to prevent a brute force

You'll need some other information per user, such as a file (eg.
~/.ssh/ This only works if for each UID there is a unique home
directory and file, which in reality on most machines is not the case.

Of course, you could alway has the UID a few billion times to slow down a
potential brute force... but it not terribly practical.


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