Re: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source

Martin Mares (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 21:19:12 +0100


> > 2) It touches things it should not touch. It replaces big parts of
> > drivers/char. I know that keyboard etc. are somehow related to
> > graphics, but you really do not want to _replace_ low level
> > drivers. This way, ggi being config option would mean having drivers
> > twice.
> Yes, well, I am not _the_ kernel hacker of GGI, but I have had it
> explained to me that it was necessary to be able to send keycodes etc to
> the right head/window/app/whatever. I will forward to those responsible.

I'm not sure about the current state of GGI drivers, but the last time
I've looked at the GGI driver replacements, I suspected GGI from having
exactly the same sharing problems between keyboard and PS/2 mouse I've
fixed a long time ago in the mainstream kernel. I think GGI should re-use
existing kernel code as much as possible (e.g., the keyboard driver is now
cleanly separated between low-level [arch-dependent] and high-level
[generic -- the keymaps etc.] parts and the low-level part seems to be
ready for use even in EvStack environment).

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