Re: linux-2.1.88 on sparc64 (usable or whe patcher)

Jakub Jelinek (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:05:18 +0100 (MET)

> Hi sparcers!
> I'm just after finishing install UltraPenguin Linux on ultra sparc 1. In
> distribution I found 2.1.44 binary and this kernel does not work (also
> tftp boot image). Kernel included in updates works good. After this I want
> to try recompile the latest kernel and I found .. garbage ;(. I see that
> current kernel is completly unusable under sparc64. Because binary 2.1.85
> works I supose that a place with patches for kernel which makes kernel
> sources useable (is it true ?) exists somewhere. Does anyone kwnow
> why patches for 2.1.85 or patched source is not included in updates or

Because it is not easy to get a 3.8M diff applied at once...

> wher I can fount this ? :)

> Does anyone use under Linux sun quad T100 ethernet card ?

Is it SunQE? Then it should run...

> Next things that binutils ( and the latest libc snapshot
> (980222) I try to compile this and .. libc requires binnutils >=
> but seems that binutils haven't implemented three functions or
> latest patch with sparc64 arangement is not completely included.

I don't have working recent glibc2.1/binutils2. combination either.
I'll work on it as time permits in the next weeks.

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Administrator of SunSITE Czech Republic, MFF, Charles University
Ultralinux - first 64bit OS to take full power of the UltraSparc
Linux version 2.1.88 on a sparc64 machine (498.80 BogoMips).

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