Re: Hang in wait_on_inode with SMP 2.1.87

Carsten Gross (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:19:42 +0100

Hi Bill and developer list,

[Cc'ed to linux-kernel]

In article <>, (Bill Hawes) writes:
> An ext2-panic in ext2_read_inode will always leave the inode locked, as
> the call never returns from read_inode to clear the lock. So that accounts
> for one inode left in the locked state. This error really shouldn't be
> happening, so I would suspect that the underlying problem may very well be
> with the scsi driver.

Many thanks for the tips and hints via the list and PM. I upgraded to the
aic7xxx-5.0.5 driver and hope the problem won't show up again ;).

There is a problem with the included pci.h file. I disabled old proc style
interface to get the kernel compiling.



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