Re: Clue on 2.0.33 crashes

Jim Bowen (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 12:32:51 -0000 (GMT)

On 20-Feb-98 Jos Vos wrote:
> Thomas Schenk wrote:
>> Feb 11 09:18:46 acme xntpd[151]: kernel pll status change 89
> Hmmm, yes, we also have these message every time when xntpd says to be
> synchronized but without doing a time step. Although we have frequent
> mysterious system lockups, I can't find a relation with this (in time).
> What is interesting, of course, is whether all people getting these
> lockups also run xntpd.

Well, I run xntpd here, and see the messages regularly enough, but I have never
had a crash yet... which is pretty good on an SMP box with an AIC7xxx and a
tulip ;)

> Another thing (because multicasting is mentioned): do all people
> with the lockups run gated (I do...)?

Well I don't run that, so maybe....

Hope this helps...


"24/02/98 12:29"

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