aic7xxx-5.0.7 for 2.1 SMP kernels (Was: Re: 2.1.82-87: Hanging in __wait_on_page)

Steve Hsieh (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 01:28:03 -0500 (EST)

David Woodhouse wrote:

>> Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000021
> That looks like 2.1.87 to me. Could you try it on 2.1.88, or decode the
> oops so that we have more than a whelk's chance in a supernova of working
> out what's happening?

That _is_ from 2.1.88, not 2.1.87. Output from ksymoops at the end of
this message.

Also, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:

> > PCI->APIC IRQ transform: (B1,I11,P0) -> -1

> This is a SMP-related problem. Unfortunately, I can't test it on my
> Single-P90 based system (Unless you have a spare board + 2 processors
> for me... ;) ). I'll have a look, but I can't promise anything.

Sorry, I don't have anything to lend you. :( The best I could do is
offer you an account on the machine and physically power cycle it as
necessary. :-) However, I have always gotten the PCI->APIC IRQ
transform -> -1 message. Even with the stock 2.1.88 aic7xxx, you get
that too, except that it boots up (although then you have the hanging
problem under heavy disk activity). Also, aic7xxx-5.0.7 works just fine
on the same machine in 2.0.33, uniprocessor mode.

Here is the ksymoops output. I'm hoping that will help someone out to
figure out what's going on? If there's anything else you'd like me to
try, or output to give, let me know...

Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 2.12
Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M
FDC 0 is an 82078.
PCI->APIC IRQ transform: (B1,I11,P0) -> -1
PCI->APIC IRQ transform: (B1,I12,P0) -> -1
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000021
current->tss.cr3 = 00101000, %%cr3 = 00101000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c01cad73>]
EFLAGS: 00010216
eax: 00000000 ebx: c008e080 ecx: 0000010c edx: 0000010b
esi: 0000010c edi: c008e020 edp: 00000000 esp: c008ddec
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process swapper (pid: 1, process nr: 4, stackpage=c008d000)
Stack: c0213598 00000000 00000004 00000000 c0084000 c0213428 00000000 c0087e14
00000000 00000000 c008e020 c008de57 c0114a06 0000e81f 00000001 00009004
00000001 c008e020 00000000 c008de5c 000000f0 00000010 00000000 0000fc00
Call Trace: [<c0114a06>] [<c01354e8>] [<c0109f4a>] [<c0124cb4>] [<c01d0018>] [<c01080bb>] [<c0107fe0>]
Code: 8a 40 21 c0 e8 03 38 c1 75 3e 8b 73 24 f7 c6 20 00 00 00 74
>>EIP: c01cad73 <aic7xxx_detect+edf/1134>
Trace: c0114a06 <timer_bh+8a/394>
Trace: c01354e8 <sys_setup+ac/d8>
Trace: c0109f4a <system_call+3a/40>
Trace: c0124cb4 <kswapd>
Trace: c01d0018 <BusLogic_TargetDeviceInquiry+164/334>
Trace: c01080bb <init+4f/1b0>
Trace: c0107fe0 <this_must_match_init_task+1fe0/2000>
Trace: c01080bb <init+4f/1b0>
Code: c01cad73 <aic7xxx_detect+edf/1134>
Code: c01cad73 <aic7xxx_detect+edf/1134> 8a 40 21 movb 0x21(%eax),%al
Code: c01cad76 <aic7xxx_detect+ee2/1134> c0 e8 03 shrb $0x3,%al
Code: c01cad79 <aic7xxx_detect+ee5/1134> 38 c1 cmpb %al,%cl
Code: c01cad7b <aic7xxx_detect+ee7/1134> 75 3e jne c01cadbb <aic7xxx_detect+f27/1134>
Code: c01cad83 <aic7xxx_detect+eef/1134> 8b 73 24 movl 0x24(%ebx),%esi
Code: c01cad86 <aic7xxx_detect+ef2/1134> f7 c6 20 00 00 testl $0x20,%esi
Code: c01cad8c <aic7xxx_detect+ef8/1134> 74 00 je c01cad88 <aic7xxx_detect+ef4/1134>
Code: c01cad94 <aic7xxx_detect+f00/1134> 90 nop
Code: c01cad95 <aic7xxx_detect+f01/1134> 90 nop
Code: c01cad96 <aic7xxx_detect+f02/1134> 90 nop

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