Re: mysterious 2.0.33 crashes

G. Sumner Hayes (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 00:11:08 -0500

Doug Ledford <> wrote:
> OK..first off, thanks to everyone who sent me their .config files.

Yet more information:

My machine had been experiencing these crashes until about a month ago
-- it was crashing every three days or thereabouts. Three weeks ago I
switched from 2.0.33 to 2.0.34-pre2 of my own accord; it had been up
somewhat over a week with 2.0.33, but I had attributed that to luck and
thought that my current 3 weeks was because something had been fixed in

Today it crashed again. Strange; I went through my logs and saw nothing
unusual. I asked people on the local network if they had changed
anything in their setups. No, but one had a machine that had been down
for a month that he just put up again yesterday. It turns out that
it's running xntpd -- none of the other machines on the local net are.
There's no smoking gun, but I'm going to try to do some experiments
and see if I can figure out how to reproduce the problem. He's using
2.0.30, I'm using 2.0.34-pre2. We're also running sshd here, otherwise
pretty plain. I am not running xntpd on my machine. He's still libc5,
I'm glibc.


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