Re: ATAPI CDROM error message

Joel Klecker (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:45:26 -0800

At 01:52 -0600 1998-02-23, Jon Torrez wrote:
>On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 wrote:
><WWW>I keep getting the following error when trying to change my CDROM
><WWW>motor spindown timer. Any ideas what could be causing it?
><WWW>Kernel bug? Shitty hardware? My guess is that it is the latter.
><WWW>3 capslock:/stuff/hdparm-3.3# hdparm -S 0 /dev/hdd
>Well my friend it seems that your saying spin down every 0 seconds after

Wrong, the man page for hdparm says that an argument of 0 to -S means
disable spin down entirely. However, CD-ROM drives are not hard drives, and
don't usuallty allow their spin down time to be altered.

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