Re: compile all modules.

Henrik Storner (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:23:10 +0100

"Eric Mountain" <> writes:

>I for one would hate this: I compile on a 486DX2 w/ 8Meg RAM.
>I also don't fancy having to rm what I don't need. Waste of my time.

I know it has been a long time, but in the old days (around 1.3.50 or so),
the default behaviour was to build every single module. Took forever on
a 486, and was a real PITA. Not to mention the not-so-unlikely event that
one of the modules that you DON'T want has a bug in it that stops
compilation before it gets to all of the modules that you DO want.

>As it stands, the make process compiles what I need, nothing more, nothing
>less. I vote to keep things this way.

Agreed. The current behaviour is optimal. If someone wants to build every
single module, they are free to configure their kernel that way. E.g. this
is what the distribution builders do.

Henrik Storner

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